Our hot air balloons

Our main focus is on sightseeing flights for passengers. All balloons belong to our company, and have none else's advertisement. We have no obligation with any sponsor, and we fully focus on our customers. Passengers are our only priority and the client always comes first.

Horkovzdušné balony

Our baskets are small, compared to competition. They are designed for four-five passengers, which preserves the romantic and lofty feeling from the flight, while pilot can personally attend to all passengers.

Horkovzdušný balon OK - 8000 Call sign: OK-8000


Typ: BB34

Volume: 3.400m³

Year of production: 2008

Capacity: 5 + pilot

Call sign: OK-6000


Typ: BB30

Volume: 3.000m³

Year of production: 2006

Capacity: 4 + pilot

Horkovzdušný balón OK - 6000
Horkovzdušný balón OK - 1000 Call sign: OK-1000


Typ: BB20

Volume: 2.000m³

Year of production: 2008

Capacity: 2 + pilot