The Flight

Napouštění balonu horkým vzduchem We will call you several hours before the flight, and confirm the time and location of the flight, or in case of bad weather, we will find a different date with you. If the weather is fine, we will meet up at the start location, or we will pick you up at a previously agreed location with all equipment and pilot and together drive to the location of take-off. At the take-off location, you can take part in short preparations and blowing up the balloon. If you will be interested, our pilot will explain the whole process and answer any question you might have.

The full preparation before the flight takes about half an hour.

Horkovzdušný balón před vzletem The flight itself takes about 60 minutes and is very dependent on the wind. In case of sudden worsening of weather, we will be forced to land early for your safety. You do not need any special equipment for balloon flight. All you need is comfortable clothes and shoes, for walking in nature (in the end, you will be in nature, so a white shirt doesn't fit there). You don't need to worry about being cold, or about draft. Hot air balloon is carried by wind, and because it has the same speed as wind, there isn't even breeze in the basket. While the temperature decreases with height, the difference is too small to notice (about 2 – 3 °C lower than on the ground), so no warm clothes are needed.

After landing, you will have champagne to celebrate the successful balloon flight, and you will be awaited by a traditional ceremony of ennoblement, which will give you a baptism certificate and peerage to remember the flight by. After the ceremony, which takes roughly half an hour, you will be taken back to the place where we met. In order to fully enjoy the flight and everything belonging to it; it is wise to reserve four to five hours, so that there is no rush.


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