Balloon flights

Besides sightseeing balloon flights, we also offer other services, such as advertisement flights, or a tethered balloon. Hot air balloon is truly an unmissable advertisement!

Let balonem Sightseeing flights with a balloon are a favourite pastime nowadays. To hover in silence, like a bird, hundreds of meters above the ground. To float through blue skies like seasoned aeronauts. Doesn’t that sound amazing? With our experienced pilots, there is nothing to be afraid of. We will take care of you and your friends, and safely deliver you back on the ground. We have baskets only for four or five passengers, which ensures a view of all sides, and personal attention of pilot for the whole duration of the flight. Ballooning isn’t just the flight itself, but it is joined with a traditional baptism ceremony and ennoblement, finished with a toast of chilled champagne and a certificate to remember it by. Transport is a simple matter, with our car from Prague to the place of take-off and back again after the flight. Balloon flight is also an ideal present for your loved ones, be it for fulfilling dreams, wedding or anniversary.